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My Thoughts: Sea Glass Inn

Title: Sea Glass Inn
Author: Karis Walsh
Publish Date: 8th January 2013
Format: Ebook provided by publisher for review.
My rating: 3 - This book was good =)

From Goodreads:

After a life of wrong turns and lost hope, can true love be more than a bittersweet fantasy?

Melinda Andrews arrives on the Oregon coast with a dream of running the Sea Glass Inn. Still reeling after an unexpected divorce, Mel believes she has missed her chance to find love. All she wants is to make her business a success and regain her independence. She locates the artist who inspired her move so she can commission more paintings for her new inn.

Pamela Whitford runs a gallery in a small seaside town, planning events and supporting other artists while neglecting her own talent. Since being deserted by the love she thought was forever, she refuses to let anyone close enough to hurt her again. But Pam can’t resist the struggling new innkeeper, and she agrees to paint for her even though it means opening herself up to creativity and the vulnerability that goes with it.

Can they learn to trust again and discover a second chance at love?

My Thoughts:
This novel was a pleasure to read, Walsh paints us a story of love, deviotion and understanding. The journey within the story is wrote to be believable and convincing. 

The growth and development of the characters is amazing, as Walsh paints the story we gradually become to understand each of them and their emotions which kept me captivated. Within the characters development came the development within their roles in the book, the artist and restoring the old house, it was beautiful to see their talents grow. 

I simply couldn't put this book down, page for page I was hooked, wanting to find out what happened in the end would they find love with each other? 


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