Monday, 14 January 2013 | By: Anna Holmes

My Thoughts: Murphy's Law

Title: Murphy's Law
Author: Yolanda Wallace
Publish Date: 8th January 2013
Format: Ebook provided by publisher for review
My Rating: 4 - This book was awesome, i'm glad I read it. 

From Goodreads:
Mountain climbing guide Samantha "Sam" Murphy likes to tout her safety record. In the ten years she has led climbers on excursions up the world’s most treacherous peaks, she has never lost a client. But that doesn't mean she hasn't lost someone even more important.
Surgeon and philanthropist Olivia Bradshaw hires Sam’s company to lead her hand-picked team on a fundraising climb of Annapurna, the world’s most dangerous mountain. For Olivia, for the donors who have pledged money to her charitable foundation, and for the underprivileged masses she is seeking to help, failure is not an option.
Secrets abound and danger lurks at every elevation. Will Sam’s attraction to taciturn Sam get in the way of the expedition’s success or will Mother Nature have the final say?

My Thoughts:
Wallace tells a very convincing story as the struggle with the dangerous climb up the mountain unfolds, I'm not a non-climber, and the treacherous conditions were believable as I continued to read. 

During the climb of Annapurna the 2 main characters are forced to readdress their lives and situations as the romance between them blossoms. Wallace helps us to understand the characters by including their history, however heart wrenching it turned out to be it helps them to develop as people.

Wallace has created a page turner, I couldnt put my kindle down for wanting to know if the expedition was a success and did their romance blossom how I thought it might. The dangers within the mountain kept me on the edge of my seat!


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